Times of Refreshing

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Wednesday, May 26, 1999
11:30 AM
Indian Hill Main Auditorium
Topic: Testimonies

What is "Times of Refreshing"?

A worship opportunity, once a month in the Indian Hill Main auditorium, using contemporary music along with a message.

Our Speaker

Mike StevensMike Stevens is a leader at "Living Word Church" in Lansing, Il. He was raised in England and later commissioned into the British Army in the Red Beret Parachute Regiment. Having served all over the world for 14 years, Mike then began serving an apostolic team of men in Britain involved in "Church Planting". For 8 Years Mike served for a church in St. Louis while "overseeing" several other churches in the US. Mike's passion is to see the Kingdom of God dynamically changing peoples lives until the nations are swept by a revival flood of Gods life giving power in and through the church!

Our Worship Team

Worship Team

We're simply a group of Lucent Employees who love to get together to worship God. Coming from all different denominations....we leave our "religion" at the door and come together in one heart...with one focus... Jesus! Our hope is for all to receive the wonderful, powerful life of Christ.

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