2907 West 97th Street
Evergreen Park, IL 60805-2611
(708) 425-3038

EXPERIENCE   Lucent Technologies, Naperville, IL 60566

DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR (January 1998 to Present)

Serving as administrator of several databases in both Oracle and Informix formats. Applications include pcb (circuit pack and backplane) ownership/use, interconection group's projects status, garden club ordering. Web interfaces to databases for entering/modifying/reporting data utilize Perl and Cold Fusion.

WEB DEVELOPER (November 1996 to Present)

Proficient in HTML and Perl, good working knowledge of Javascript, ColdFusion, Java and C. Served as webmaster for both department and lab-wide sites during 2001 and 2002. Also authored online forms for PWB group's projects status and IH Garden Club, among many other applications.


Have successfully completed numerous multi-layer (4-14) printed circuit boards, with features such as high-density interconnection (HDI), matched-length differential-pair routing, matched-length busses, crosstalk concerns, in-circuit testability, many design-for-manufacturing (DFM) standards.


Sencon, Incorporated, Bedford Park, IL 60638

SENIOR ENGINEER - PCB DESIGN (August 1989 To July 1996)

Team Leader of the PCB design engineers. Responsible for the design of printed circuit boards used in industrial sensors and control systems. Years of experience with: surface mount circuitry, multi-layer boards, multi-level isolation circuitry, critical noise filtering circuitry. Emphasis on appearance, cost and manufacturability of products. Creator and owner of symbol and part libraries consisting of over 1400 objects each.

Defined and implemented quality improvements to automate flat specification drawings. Drawing creation time reduced from four hours to six minutes.

Designed and authored PCB bill of material program to interface between P-CAD and Hewlett-Packard mainframe computer. Program also automated assembly drawing creation which assisted production, resulting in a reduced time to market.
ENGINEER - PCB DESIGN (May 1986 To August 1989)

Started with schematic capture of hardware engineering designs. On my own initiative, moved into board layouts which paved the way into PCB design.

  BENCH TECHNICIAN (August 1983 To May 1986)

Responsibilities included board testing, component-level troubleshooting and repair of company products, from simple logic modules to microprocessor-based systems.

EDUCATION   Associate, Electrical Engineering Technology, Illinois Technical College, Chicago, IL/1983 (GPA 3.65/4.0).
Dean's List, Who's Who in American Jr. Colleges.

TRAINING Voice/Voice XML, Wireless Web, B-to-B and Web Security Workshops (Lucent Web Tech 2000) November 2000
C Language for Programmers (LCL100H) September 2000
Object-Oriented Terminology for Beginners (LCO110W) September 2000
TOC Critical Chains Concepts Training (LBP052L) September 2000
Fast Track to ColdFusion (LCW670H) August 2000
Oracle SQL and SQL+ (LCD094W) June 2000
High Density Interconnect Seminar - March 2000
Signal Integrity (LTH600L) December 1999
Introduction to Perl (LCL600H) March 1999
JavaScript Programming, Basics and Beyond (LCW308H) June 1998
Process Quality Management Improvement (LQM301H) May 1998
Advanced Topics in PWB Technology (LTH450L) December 1997
Mentor Boardstation 500 - June 1997
UNIX system for programmers (LCU101H) February 1997
Vi Editor (CP-M001) September 1996
Mentor Boardstation - July 1996

SKILLS Languages/Applications: HTML, Frames, SSI, Perl, Javascript, ColdFusion, Java, C, Oracle SQL and SQL+, Informix SQL, MySQL, Quick-BASIC, Fortran.
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Borland Dbase, Mentor Graphics, IDSX, PCAD, Vi.
Operating Systems: Unix (Solaris 2.5.1, OS5.6), Windows (2000, NT, 98, 98SE), DOS.
Others: Excellent oral and written communication skills, valid drivers license.

PERSONAL Married since March of 1991, and have one daughter. Committed to overcoming my physical disability (Spastic Paraparesis, since April 1963) by meeting and solving each personal challenge. A homeowner since August, 1992. Enjoy spending time with my family, entertaining, cooking, movies, pocket billiards.