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Life Ministries Church

  | Bible Resources
KJV Bible (Searchable)
KJV Bible - Book by Book Text
The Concise Matthew Henry Commentary
The WWW Bible Gateway
Christian Resources on the Net

The Interactive Bible
Darwin was wrong!
Dinosaurs Mentioned in Bible?
Evolution or 6 Day Creation?

  | Christian Home Pages/Links
Abounding Love Ministries, Inc - Home Page
Amazing Grace Ministries Home
Assemblies of God Online
Brownsville Assembly of God Revival
Chick Publications Home Page
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Financial Concepts
CrossWalk (World Village)
The Family Research Council
Gospel Communications Network
Habitat for Humanity International
Islam Unveiled!
JAF Ministries
Moody Bible Institute
The Mysterious Hebrew Codes
Official PK Web Site
The Rutherford Institute
Slices of Life
WordWise Daily Scripture Calendar

  | Media Resources
Benny Hinn Media Ministries
CBN and The 700 Club
Global Revival News
The Remnant
Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
Welcome to Jack Van Impe Ministries International
WYLL Radio, Chicago

  | VeggieTales Sites!
Welcome to VeggieTales on the Web
The New Ultimate VeggieTales Web Site!
CP March/April 98 VeggieTales Cover Story
Childrens Christian Videos

  | Christian Music
Praise Broadcasting Network
The Cyber Hymnal
The Psalmist Network

  | Games
Word Find/Misc Games
Bible Jeopardy!
Sword Sharpener Bible Game

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CORI: the Christian Online Resource Index
The Christian Link
FishNet's Christian Web Sites

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All In One Christian Index - Churches Indices
GOSHEN Homepage
The Church Online! Home Page
NetChurch Home Page
NetChurch: Alphabetical Church Directory
NetChurch: Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

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