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07-05-2014 Found old webpage that had working Javascript menu animation, and miraculously, was able to integrate here! Amazing!

07-01-2014 Revised format of Cooking page to show more recipes at top of page.

On Diversity page, updated dead link to Joni and Friends ministry and removed obsolete link for Proposed FCC/Disabled Legislation.

06-28-2014 New additions to Cooking page: Italian Breaded Steak and Angel Hair Pasta Olio Aglio, Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers, Chinese Pepper Steak. Also removed some recipes I'd titled but will probably never have the time or inclination to publish.

Removed Great Sites, Led Zeppelin, My Movies and Top Fuel pages due to lack of personal interest.

08-18-2011 Updated contact email on Home Page, and started looking at what I want to add and delete. Can I ressurrect this site from the dead? We'll see...

11-12-2004 After 8 months of frustration, I finally came to the conclusion that I just can't think straight enough anymore, to figure out what's wrong with my Javascript menu. So I've changed the menu on all the pages to be a little less complicated. Oh well!

02-07-2004 Finally got menu straightened out to include Testimony page again. Also added link to new Word Find Page.

12-24-2003 New addition to Cooking page: Sweet and Spicy Almond Green Beans

09-11-2003 Added carriage returns to all pages to keep menu and page content from being obscured by annoying, unsolicited banner ads at top of pages.

02-23-2003 Removed several pages I'm unable to keep up with. Added Led Zeppelin page.

06-27-2001 Removed obsolete counter images from Joe's Home Page and What's New pages. Updated email address on Joe's Home Page. Reformatted and relocated ad to make room for vertical scroller applet to display Cooking Page recipes. Applet courtesy of ET Applets.

02-06-2001 New additions to Cooking page: 20-Minute Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Fajitas, Festive Chicken, Cashew Chicken Chop Suey, Chicken Clemenceau and Chicken with Spanish Rice.

Also added reviews to Movies (A thru B) page: Air Force One, Airplane!, Airport , Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; Added listings and reviews to Movies (R thru S) page: Scrooge and The Song Remains the Same,

02-04-2001 Removed pop-up menus. Changed Christian Page to include indexing. Sorry, folks, I must have gotten bored. Content is what matters, that's why people come here, not to see fancy navigation that takes too long to load.

01-24-2001 Added pop-up menus to Christian, Cooking and Movies pages. Completely overhauled Movies pages. Cut Christian and Cooking pages into sub-pages served by pop-up menus.

12-18-2000 New additions to Cooking page: Chicken Stir-Fry and Shrimp Oyster Sauce. Added new listing and review to Movies (P thru Q) page: The Patriot. Also updated previous listings on What's New page links for consistency throughout.

07-11-2000 Added counters from My to all main pages. Updated Top Fuel page.

01-31-2000 Added banner ad for JJG Consulting Group to Home Page. Updated Stone Church links on Testimony page. Added Stone Church ad to Christian page.

01-05-2000 New additions to Movies page: reviews for Saving Private Ryan and What About Bob?.

11-16-1999 New addition to Cooking page: Chicken Pot Roast.

10-09-1999 New additions to Movies page: reviews for Patriot Games and Unlawful Entry.

09-25-1999 New additions to Movies page: reviews for Casualties of War, Out For Justice and Wisdom. Added listings and reviews for Tommy Boy and With Friends Like These.

09-24-1999 Finished changes to Great Sites page. Added first entries to What's New page.

09-21-1999 Created three new pages: Common Sense, Top Fuel and What's New. Created new set of menu buttons, discarded "tinosl.jpg" background on Home, Christian and Diversity pages for faster loading and change of pace.

Common Sense will list hints and tips for people who just don't have any common sense. No, I'm not saying I'm perfect (not by any means!), but my experiences and observances tell me some people just don't have any idea how things are supposed to go. So far, most of the tips will deal with being behind the wheel of a car.

Top Fuel will display original pictures and links for top fuel funny car and dragster racing.

What's New is this page, showing what changes I've made to Joe's Home Page recently.

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